- Adsense Tricks and SEO - Adsense approval in just few days and google rank index improvement

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Saturday, 28 January 2017

Adsense Tricks and SEO - Adsense approval in just few days and google rank index improvement

An advertising placement service by Google is Adsense is very popular now a days. Adsense designed for publishers who want to publish targeted text, video or picture advertisement on website or blog and earn money when site visitor view or click the ads. Earning depends on Clickthrough rate(CTR), Cost-per-click (CPC), Cost-per-thousand (CPM), and Revenue perthousand impressions (RPM).
Now the question is that why Adsense is so popular? There are so many advertisements publishing company who is providing same service but still most of people is preferring Adsense. So the reason behind that is

1.   It is very easy to setup, once you got approval by Adsense . All you need to do is add a code to your website theme file and that’s it.

2.  Adsense means recollection, once you have Active Adsense account means that you have authorized blog or website. However, this may not be possible in all the case.

3.  Well pleased payout, the major problem you will face with small advertising companies is the issue of payment. You might get obstacle to receive your payment and in other hand, Adsense is very crystalline and transparent. And is also offer very well amount on CTR, CPC, and CPM.

Blogger SEO and Adsense
Since these are the some of best objectives to select Adsense But due to this type of good service and rationale it is hard to get Adsense approval easily. So let’s come to the main point, how to get Approval in very few or in single try. I’m going to divide all the tricks in number of parts like post format, website or theme format etc. So keep these things in mind when you apply for Adsense.

1.       Things to keep in mind about post.

·   Your every post or page should be at least of 800 to 900 or more words. This is very basic requirement of Adsense. So try to add as more contain as possible.

·   Try to add backlink or references if available in internet. When you add backlink or give references that time the other party can see your efforts. For example I’m writing about facebook or any other organization and I’m putting URL of their website then they will get to know about you and SEO can also helps you for improving your site or blog index on Google.

·   Add all possible images about your post with caption and also with link if possible. This things will helps you in Google image search.

·   Your contain should be in correct format, get used to write all the details in paragraph and in justify format. All little things like font size, color etc. also keeps in mind.

·  And most important, all the contain of your post should be original. Google can easily recognize your copied contain. So please never do that.

·   Never try to add sexual or hacking type of things on your post. These things can gives you more views but 100% you will get rejection from Adsense.

2.       Things to keep in mind about website.

·    Purchase your own domain name if possible. You can also use blogspot domain for your blog but if you are using your own domain then it will show your venture and  it will represent your passion about your blog.

·   Add more features to your blog like you can setup live chat for your viewers, add active audience graph to your blog or you can also add poll to get review from users by google spreadsheet.

·   And most importantly don’t add too much widget in your side and other then that webside menu should be very clearly understandable by all your viewers.

3.       Other thing to keep in mind.

·   You can apply for Adsense at any time but first try to achieve at least 1000 viewers in short duration if possible.

·   In many website or blog you will find out people saying that ‘at least you required 30 – 40 post to get approval from adsense. But there is nothing like that if you are following above mentioned rules and you have only 10 post then also you can get approved by adsense. 


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