- Virtual RAM - Create or increase virtual RAM and processing power.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Virtual RAM - Create or increase virtual RAM and processing power.

Often a sudden performance-degradation on your computer may be attributed to the last-installed software, or an update to your operating system or drivers. There are many other factors which can cause a steep or a gradual decrease in your computer performance.

Here are some other factors that decrease your performance.

  1. Some software that loads at the startup. 
  2. Some security software. 
  3. Recently installed software update. 
  4. low size of O.S drive (C drive) 
  5. A lot of items starting at the startup 
  6. And the common problem 'The virus infection'. 
So in this blog I will tell you how you can create virtual memory or virtual RAM and increase your system performance and boost up PC speed.

So first of all go to the control panel in your system and in that open 'system' settings so you will get your system configuration window. you can open that window also by right clicking on 'My computer' and then selecting 'properties'. now in that at the left side you will see the 'Advanced system settings' option. click on that.

Now select the 'settings' option under the Performance option. after that select 'Advanced' tab. if your program runs slow then select 'programs' radio-button, but if your computer gets slow due to many installed programs then select ' background services' radio button. and now click on 'change'.

In that unchecked the 'Automatically manage paging file size for all drives'. now select the 'Custom size' radio button and define initial size and maximum size and click on 'set' now click on OK. save all the settings. remember that initial size and maximum size must be greater then Currently allocated size. system will ask to restart your system, you can restart the system or you can select 'restart later'.

now press windows+R button or 'Run' and type mscofig then hit 'OK'. it will lead you to the System configuration. in that select 'Boot' tab and further select 'Advanced options' and checked number of processors checkbox, now select maximum numbers of processor available for your system and click on OK. restart your system and you are done. 👍😊


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