- How to host own website using wampserver, step by step explanation.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

How to host own website using wampserver, step by step explanation.

Hello everyone, 

In this blog I will tell you how you can host your website using wampserver. for that first of all you have to download latest version of wampserver. you can download wempserver from the below link.
http://www.wampserver.com/en/ . select your system format like 32 bit or 64 bit and download wempserver. you also have to download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio, that you can download from http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=30679

After downloading both the files install both the files in your system. and start wampserver. you can start wampserver by clicking on shortcut that is created on desktop. after start of wampserver you will find out wampserver symbol at below of your screen in taskbar  near to date and time. now wait till that symbol turns into green from red. when turns into green it means now you can use the wempserver.

Now open any browser, and in address-bar just type 'localhost'. now to convert this 'localhost' to any virtual domain name, run notepad as administrator and locate host file in 'C' drive that is at
C: > Windows > System32 > drivers > etc > host.  and open it.

Now in the last of that file just add ' domainname'. for example engineeringway.com

Now go to the C: > wamp64 > bin > apache > apache2.4.23 > conf > extra and open httpd-vhosts file as a notepad. and in the end of that document just put code mention below.

     order deny,allow
     allow from all

    DocumentRoot "E:\wamp\www\first"
    Servername engineeringway.com

here documentroot property define your folder in which you have stored your webpages.

now save it and go to E:\wamp64\bin\apache\apache2.4.23\conf and open 'httpd' file and open it, after that find out 'virtual hosts' section and remove comment from that. now you are done with all the settings for wamp server, open browser and just type ur defined domain name it will load your site from your local server.


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