- How to Add live chat customer support in your website.

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Saturday, 21 January 2017

How to Add live chat customer support in your website.

To increase selling of your products, customer satisfaction is foremost ingredient. And to effectuate this objective you have to provide key services and customer support to your customers. now the question is how? 
Live chat for website

So, in today's generation of Data, mobile technology and internet, one of the great way is 'online system support'. Live chat is the fastest way to engage your customers. So, in this blog I will tell you how you can do that.

there are so many chat applications and agents who provides 24*7 customers support to your users. some of them are,
These all provide paid service to you but if you want a free service then the best option is mylivechatmylivechat is a leading live chat service that helps increase website conversion rates through click to chat, live custom support features. they make it simple for everyone to add live chat to website. They also provides android and iPhone application.

First of all register yourself at Mylivechat. after registration it will lead you to your dashboard. and it will show you your Account ID and some java script code.

Now copy that code and paste it on your body tag of website. if you have many pages in your side then paste that code in all the pages. and if you are blogger user, then go to the 'template' menu and then select 'edit HTML' option now find out body tag and paste your chat code in it. after that save the template and go to the your Mylivechat dashboard and click on OK,installed! button. now it will leads you to the account console. here, click on 'chat now' button and it will open new window in your browser called 'MyliveChat Console.'

Go to that window and you will find out all the user details who wants to connect with you and lots of information about them and some epic settings for your chat console. to chat with any user just click on any of highlighted button in below picture. and you are now connected with that user via  Mylivechat.😀

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