- Mobile app analytics, website analytics- learn how your application is used and Measure Your App Campaigns.

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Sunday, 26 February 2017

Mobile app analytics, website analytics- learn how your application is used and Measure Your App Campaigns.

Google Analytics is a free Web analytics service provider that provides statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing purposes. The service is available to anyone with a Google account. Google launched the service in November 2005 after acquiring Urchin. It's most widely used web analytics service on the Internet.

Google Analytics also offered three additional versions:

  • Google Analytics 360.
  • Google Analytics Premium.
  • Google Analytics for Mobile Apps.

Google Analytics features include:

  • Data visualization tools, That includes  dashboard, scorecards and motion charts, which display changes in data over time.
  • Custom reports, That use to view customize data accordingly user's requirement.
  • Email-based sharing and communication.
  • Integration with other Google products, such as AdWords, search console and Website Optimizer.

Few Awesome things you can do with google Analytics:

  • See your most important analytics data first.

you can create multiple dashboards, each containing multiple widgets. To create a new dashboard, simply go under Dashboards in the menu bar of your analytics and then select New Dashboard. Then add your widgets. You can choose from widgets that show you one particular metric, a pie chart comparing metrics, a time line of one to two metrics, or a table showing a dimension with two specific metrics. Each type of widget can also be filtered. the fantastic thing you can do is, you also can view data by date vise. you can change the date range and see all of your widgets update with that date range’s data.

  • Find out which Ad campaigns is giving you more traffic.

To create an advanced segment, click on the Audience and then custom dropdown and then the Custom Variables. now select custom Variable key and click on Secondary dimension dropdown and filter data according to your requirement. 

  • Determine where your best visitors are located.

Many of them will ask if you want to focus on a specific country or target your ad worldwide.Thanks to Google Analytics, you don’t have fret any longer. Simply look under your Visitors menu to see the Location demographics of your visitors.Now you will know the specific locations whose visitors bring you the most conversions. Targeting visitors in these locations with your ads will result in even more goal completions for your site. just go to  Audience option then click on 'Geo' dropdown and click on location.

  • Visualize what people click on the most.

Curious what people are viewing most on your site? You can view complete flow of user's activity. what user doing after viewing relevant content and he or she clicking on which page after viewing desire page. just go to  Audience option then click on bench-marking and in it user flow.

  • Uncover your top content.

Want to know which pages keep your visitors on your website the longest, or have the lowest bounce rate? You can see this quickly by going under the Behavior menu and selecting All Pages under Site Content.This section can help you identify which pieces of content keep visitors on your site the longest and lead to them wanting to continue onto more pages on your site. This can help you produce more content that people will like in the future.
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