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Saturday, 11 February 2017

How to Unlock bootloader of Android Phone - HTC

If you are looking to root your Android phone then first thing you need to do is to unlock bootloader of  your android phone.by default, almost every handset company lock down the bootloader  to avoid tampering with system software that may permanently damage the phone if used incorrectly.

by default, almost every handset company lock down the bootloader  to avoid tampering with system software that may permanently damage the phone if used incorrectly.

For rooting it is necessary  to access those very same files which is why unlocking the bootloader is required for rooting most android phone.

Please keep this thing in mind that Unlocking the bootloader will eliminate your  phone warranty.

Disclaimer: Engineeringway is not responsible for any damages that may occur through following these steps. These steps are correct at the time of writing. Unlocking the bootloader is your responsibility and Engineeringway is not responsible in any way. Please back up the smart phone completely before performing any of these steps.

Unlocking steps of bootloader may varies of your phone according to your phone company. So here I’m going to demonstrate steps of HTC smart phones.

  1.  The HTC phone with locked bootloader.
  2. Access to a PC of phone using USB cable.
  3. Install the Android SDK in your PC. You can download it from here.
  • Visit the www.htcdev.com and select Unlock Bootloader and click on get Started option.

Now select your device and click on Begin Unlock Bootloader button. it will redirect to the login page. so login into your account or create new account. After doing so it will show you some Legal terms,select all and click on proceed to unlock button.

  • Now power off your Android phone. after power off press volume down button and while pressing it, press power on button. by doing this your device will open in bootloader mode.

  • Now by using volume up and volume down button navigate 'fastboot' option. and use power button to select that option. after selecting it connect your phone with your PC using USB and keep proceeding through the HCTDev wizard until you get to step 8.

  • On your PC, open a command prompt in the folder where you installed the Android SDK and Fastboot window and type and press enter:

          fastboot oem get_identifier_token

  • If all goes properly the token ID will appear. This ID is unique for every device.

  • Now,You only need to select the letters as shown above.

  • Inside the HTC Developer unlock bootloader wizard paste the your ID where asked and then click Submit.

  • After a few moments you will get an email from HTC Dev website on your registered email ID.

  • The email will contain an attachment, a file called unlock_code.bin

  • Download this file from the email and save it to your computer in the same folder that you installed ADB and the Android SDK.

  • Once you have done that (remember the HTC phone is still connected to the PC via USB running Fastboot mode) type the following and press Enter when done.

  • fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin

  • After pressing Enter, on the HTC device itself you will see confirmation screen.

  • Tap Yes (use the Volume Up and Down key to select and Power to confirm).

  • Once the phone has booted up the bootloader on the HTC device will have been unlocked so you are now ready perform advanced tasks on the phone such as root the device or install a custom ROM.


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  1. Hey Dharmik, thanks again for well detailed and researched tutorial. It helped me a lot with unlocking my HTC OneV. I confirmed it from my friend who is working in Android App development company and he also suggested me to go with your guide. Hope to see more stuff from your side in future.