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Sunday, 12 March 2017

How to host your website for free and upload your SQL server database to server - godaddy, bigrock, somee

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is place where you can store your website stuff like html, config or aspx file and also your website database.the term “web hosting” refers to the company that rent out their computer/servers to store your website (hence the word, host) and providing Internet connectivity so that other computers can access to the files on your website. so let's see how to do it for free.

How to do hosting for free?

As per your requirement hosting provider charge for the hosting service but some service provider provide service for free up to some limited amount of data. www.somee.com provides free hosting up to 150mb of data and support ASP, ASP.Net, MS Access, MS SQL database. Single third level domain. and Single addon web domain.

     1.Create account at somee.com and order your free hosting plan. 

Just visit https://somee.com/FreeAspNetHosting.aspx and at bottom of  the page you will find out 'order now' option click on that and create account and order free plan by clicking on checkout button from Shopping cart page.

2. Define domain and Create website.

After checkout, in next window, you have to define your site domain name, site title and zone name as well as server OS. then click on create website. it will create one empty site. and that you can see under 'Websites' category. which resides under 'managed products' of 'User' category.


3. Upload your website with config file

Locate 'File manager' under your created website name, here you can upload every file of your project except your database file. that is .mdf file and resides in app_Data folder if you are using asp.net. and also you can create folder if your project is divided into folders by clicking on 'new dir'.

To upload file click on 'upload' option and select files and click on Upload files.

4. Upload Database file.

To Create database go to User -> managed product ->ms sql ->Databases and in that click on 'create'.


After creating database, to upload your already created db file, select your newly created DB and go to the bottom of the page. you will find out attach Database link. click on that and upload database file that is .mdf file and log file that is .ldf file and click on upload.

5. Reset Connection string.

Click on database that you have just created and copy the connection string that is define in that page. now go to your config file of project that is under 'File manager' and click on edit text link of config file. now search for connectionString tag and paste new connection string in that. remove the old one.

Done. now you can run your project by domain name. and store data directly at server storage.

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