- OpenStack installation only in 7 steps in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using Devstack. - IAAS, Private Cloud, Devstack

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Sunday, 19 March 2017

OpenStack installation only in 7 steps in Ubuntu 16.04 LTS using Devstack. - IAAS, Private Cloud, Devstack

  • Openstack is a free and open-source software platform for cloud computing, mostly deployed as an infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

  • The goals of the Openstack initiative are to support interoperability between cloud services and allow businesses to build Amazon-like cloud services in their own data centers.

  • It is often referred to in the media as "the Linux of the Cloud" and is compared to Eucalyptus and the Apache CloudStack project. Let's come to the point, How to install Openstack on ubuntu 16.04 LTS or on any other ubuntu version.

Steps To install OpenStack.

Install ubuntu with at least 2GB RAM and 100GB harddisk. And after installation open terminal by using ctrl + a/t  + T

Step 1: Now in terminal type ' sudo -i ' command, it will leads you to the root. now type command ' visudo '. it will open sudoers.tmp file. in that after 
' %sudo ALL=(ALL:ALL) ALL ' line write ' stack ALL=(ALL) ALL ' and save it by ctrl + x.

Step 2: now after making change on sudoers.tmp file, add new user in system by typing command ' add stack '.

Step 3: After creating user named stack. shut down the system and login into system as stack user. after that open terminal again and type command ' sudo apt-get install git ' it will install package installer into your system.

Step 4: After setting up git. fire command 
' git clone https://git.openstack.org/openstack-dev/devstack ' It will clone into devstack and download all the required package for openstack into your system.

Step 5: after that type command ' cd devstack' then ' cd samples '  and  ' cp local.conf ../ '. it will copy local.conf file at root folder  devstack. now fire ' cd ../ ' command. after that type ' nano local.conf ' command. it will open local.conf file into editor.


Step 6: In that file just define your local IP address like as shown in below image. and save the file by ctrl + x.

Step 7: Now fire command ' ./stack.sh '. it will start openstack installation. It will take up to 2 hrs. depends on internet connection speed.  after installation finish you can access openstack services by IP address. just write your IP address on url box and enjoy. the default ID is 'admin' and 'demo' and password is 'nomoresecret'.

You are done!! happy clouding!!!



  1. I'm getting this error. Can you help ?

    You have offline compression enabled but key "99881c8d68eccb35d990b7ea3aa134cb" is missing from offline manifest. You may need to run "python manage.py compress".

  2. Add following properties into your config file.

    May this will solve your problem.

    1. Thank you for getting back to me. Do I make these entries into the local.conf file ?

    2. Yes, make entries into local.conf.

    3. Thanks Dharmik. I've tried that but it is not working. The problem is a css template file in /opt/stack/horizon/openstack_dashboard/templates it is called _stylesheets.html Have you had it before ?

  3. No, but try to reinstall it using unstack.sh command. I mean first of all perform unstack.sh command and restart all service by stack.sh command.