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Saturday, 3 June 2017

Send data to server database from Android Application. | server side connectivity in android | PHP | MySQL | Android | Free hosting for android

First of all, create account on That provides free sql server database and phpMyAdmin. then after create new hosting account using your cpanel. after that click on "Manage" link, under the Hosting account tab. by clicking on that you will redirect to admin panel of your hosting plan. now on that page, you will find out MySQL database field under database category. click on that and create new database. now go to the admin panel of your hosting plan and click on phpMyAdmin field under database category and enter into phpMyAdmin.

In PHP MyAdmin click on create new table and create database table.

Now download fileZilla from and run fileZilla application. and do 'quick connect' using host,username and password. After that open notepad and do copy-paste code given in below link.

you will get information about servername, username, password and dbname from your dashboard of admin panel. after that save that notepad document as .php file and upload it on public_html folder from filezilla(Drag and drop).

Now server side work is done. you can test service by putting hosting IP on URL tab of browser.
now create new android app on android studio to send data on server. copy code given in below link.

and paste it on java file of android activity from where you want to send the data. 
i.e just modify link on httppost.


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