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Saturday, 14 January 2017

What is security Attacks in cryptography? and it's concepts!

1/14/2017 09:19:00 pm

What is Data security?

Data security is referred as prevention of data uses from the unauthorized users or to add constraints on data to prevent unauthorized use of data.

Now after the definition, question may arise in mind that what is need of security, how to archive it and which are the ways that hackers use to break the security. so here I will clear all the concept of security step by step.

before getting started let me tell you the type of message and what it means in security terms.

  1. Plain Text :  Plain text is human readable form of message, that can be read and understandable by any one.
  2. Cipher text: Cipher text is encoded or encrypted information that can't be readable by anyone. we can archive it by applying various algorithm on plain text.

What is Data encryption and decryption?

Data encryption is the process to convert plain text into meaningless text or cipher text.

And decryption means to convert cipher text again into plain text.

Now the question is that how to convert plain text into cipher text?  or which are the algorithm is used to do so?

now in data security algorithm is of two types:

  1. Symmetric - There is one key both for encryption and decryption or else one key can be calculated using the other. The keys must be distributed in secret.
  2. Public Key - One key is public and is used for either encryption or decryption depending on whether the public party is sending a message or receiving it. The other key is private and allows only encryption or decryption. One key cannot be used to calculate the value of the other key.
Here is the few algorithm for data encryption.

  • block cipher 
  • Cipher Block Chaining (CBC)
  • Cipher block chaining mode (CBD)
  • Counter with CBC-MAC
  • Cipher FeedBack
  • Chinese Lottery
  • Electronic Code Book.
  •  Synthetic Initialization Vector and much more.
Now, type of security attacks that used by the hackers.

there is mainly three types of security attacks. 

  1. Active - A common attack of this type is the man in the middle attack. During this attack the attacker may try to convince the victim that they are communicating with another party when they are really communicating with the attacker. The attacker may use the attack to gain passwords or other vital information.